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  A u t u m n  -  H a r v e s t i n g  R o o t

A collection of photos showing the process of harvesting the ginseng root crop from the fields.

The fall brings autumn leaves and the time for the ginseng harvest and crop renewal. Fall is the time when new ginseng seed is planted and mature root is dug and prepared for market. This is one of the busiest times of the year on the farm. 

When all of the ginseng shade has been removed and the protective straw scraped away from the mounds of earth, the ginseng digger can then be used to harvest the root. The ginseng digger will take the whole earth mound and separate the root from the soil. As the chain belt vibrates, the earth falls through the  links onto the ground while the ginseng root travels to the back of the harvester and up a conveyor belt into wooden bins. The bins are then transferred from the field to the barn.

Many helping hands and a watchful eye on all our sophisticated equipment make sure all the root is dug with minimal damage to the crop. Once the root is harvested it is then carefully washed and put in a kiln to dry. Once dried the root is stored in drums awaiting shipment to our valued customers.

Loading the ginseng root into bins for transport out of the field

The ginseng digger in action

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